What is the SNAP stage?

Last updated on February 25, 2022
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Taking a snapshot of our neighbourhood

The SNAP stage is about taking a first look at our neighbourhood and what it is missing to be truly dementia-enabling.

camera_altDiagram of SNAP stage steps

We may already have an established Neighbourhood Group, or we might have a personal experience of dementia and an interest in doing more, but still need to create more connections.

Attending an OCN workshop is the first step; this will provide an overview of the tools and resources available and access to the experience gained during the OCN project. Through some initial exercises we will be encouraged to start defining what our neighbourhood is and what it needs. We should leave the OCN workshop with a clearer idea of how to work with our neighbourhood group, and with a ‘statement of intent’ for our dementia-enabling journey.

At the end of the SNAP stage, you will ideally have:

  1. Formed or consolidated your neighbourhood working group
  2. Attended an initial session with OCN staff or volunteers
  3. Familiarised with the structure and opportunities offered by the OCN tools and Neighbourhood Compass
  4. Completed the ‘Taking a SNAP of our Neighbourhood’ tool, which includes a brief statement of intent for the Dementia-enabling journey you are starting