What is the NAP stage?

Last updated on February 25, 2022
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Building our Neighbourhood Action Plan

After mapping our neighbourhood, and identifying our priorities for action, the NAP stage is about making our plan of action and deciding what is the best approach based on what we want to achieve.

camera_altDiagram of NAP stage steps

The NAP stage includes looking at the foundations of neighbourhood-based work, and the various strands of work that we could undertake – focusing either on physical environment, digital access, or culture and creativity. Alongside navigating this information, here we will have the opportunity to build our own Neighbourhood Action Plan.

We should tailor it to the specific needs identified in the previous stages, our NAP might not end up including all the sections suggested.

At the end of the NAP stage, you will ideally have:

  1. Assessed your group’s strength and needs around neighbourhood-based work by looking at the ‘OCN Foundations’ guide
  2. Identified areas for focused action (physical spaces, transport, digital inclusion, creativity, or more) based on your findings at the MAP stage, and the strand-based resources available in the NAP stage guides
  3. Completed a group session focused on drafting your ‘Neighbourhood Action Plan’ from the template provided
  4. Selected a programme of targeted activities to conduct in the ADAPT stage