What is the MAP stage?

Last updated on February 25, 2022
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Mapping and getting to know our neighbourhood

The MAP stage is about looking at what’s in our neighbourhood and reflecting on our personal experience and that of our community. This will allow us to define clear priorities and get to the next stage ready to make our plan of action.

camera_altDiagram of MAP stage steps

There are two main steps in the MAP stage, we can decide to follow the order we suggest, or to select the tools that are more tailored to our current needs. At the end of this process, we should have an initial understanding of what our priorities might be, and we will be ready to move to the NAP stage, where we plan our actions.

At the end of the MAP stage, you will ideally have:

  1. Selected the MAP tools more suited to your group’s needs
  2. Completed one or more group work sessions focusing on the ‘Mapping Our Neighbourhood’ and/or the ‘How Good is Our Place?’ tools
  3. Agreed on how you can define the neighbourhood you are focusing on (geographically, socially etc.)
  4. Identified some key priorities for more focused work to conduct in the NAP stage