What is the ADAPT stage?

Last updated on February 25, 2022
ADAPT Stage Index

Acting on our priorities, evaluating the impact, then starting again

The ADAPT stage is where we get to make some practical changes happen. After mapping our neighbourhood and building our NAP, this stage is all about running our own tailored programme of activities, depending on what approach we decided to adopt.

camera_altDiagram of ADAPT stage steps

After running the programme of activities, we should take a moment to measure the impact of our work and celebrate our successes.

We designed this journey as a circle rather than a straight timeline. The reason for this is that at the end of a process there should always be a time for reflection and evaluation, which might lead to starting parts of the project again – although with a different focus and increased experience.

At the end of the ADAPT stage, you will ideally have:

  1. Conducted your programme of activities (audits, conversation cafes, creative sessions etc.) depending on the focus areas identified at the NAP stage
  2. Strengthened your understanding and capacity around neighbourhood-based work
  3. Completed our ‘Reflecting and Planning Forward’ evaluation tool
  4. Had an opportunity to reflect on the overall experience and possibly identify areas for future work - at this point you can go back to the MAP or NAP stage and start the process again with a new focus!