Using video calling

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Last updated on December 11, 2019

A quick introduction

This starter kit is an introduction to how video calling technology can support you to stay in touch with friends and family.

The starter kit is primarily designed to point you towards the affordable tools that open up a world of choices and which you can use from day to day.

Follow on kits will provide more instruction on how to get up and running with this technology, as well as ideas on activities to take your enjoyment further.

What we suggest here is just that, a suggestion. There are many other apps and services that you may choose to use, so don’t be put off if you don’t find something that suits you. In fact, let us know and we can look at adding it to future versions of the kit.

live_helpWhat you will need to get started
An internet connection: Most apps and services require that you are connected to the internet A device to use the apps and services: This can be a smartphone, tablet or computer. Smartphones and tablets offer the most flexibility.

Why use video calling?

It is not always possible to see friends and family in person, but video calls offer free face-to-face chats and provide that visual connection that standard phone calls cannot.

You can also organise group calls with more than one person to share a special occasion

These are some of the services you may consider using
FaceTime (Apple)
Google Duo

How these services work

  1. The device that you will be using to make video calls will need a working camera and microphone. Nearly all smartphones or tablets will be suitable.
  2. You will usually need to download the app for your chosen video calling service to your device.
  3. You will usually need to create an account (using an email address) with your chosen video calling service.
  4. The person or people you wish to call will also need to go through steps 1 to 2 to have the equivalent video calling app installed on the device that they will be receiving the call on.
  5. Once these steps are completed you can start video calling your contacts.

Next steps

This is just a taster of how you can use digital technology to help you stay connected with video calling. We are in the process of compiling follow-on guides for using individual services which will take you through set-up and use step-by-step.