Sporting memories


There are few aspects of our cultural heritage as powerful as sport to create a sense of community and collective memories. Children kick balls and play catch as soon as they can walk, while local sporting teams are essential to the fabric of our communities.

Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, the power to unite people that little else has. John Carlin.

During COVID-19 we are physically separated from this source of joy, sometimes frustration, and most importantly togetherness. But we still have access to vast libraries of sporting memories online to engage with and share our passion.

Pelé playing during the 1960 World Cup

Pelé playing for Brazil against Sweden in Malmo (1960). By AFP/SCANPIX, Public Domain.

Most of the information provided here is specific to Scotland, but you should be able to find other groups of interest on Facebook by searching for “football memories” (or whatever your favourite sport is). Another option is to see if your favourite professional team has a community trust Facebook page (as an example you could search Facebook for “Nottingham Forest Community Trust”).

Sporting memories Facebook groups

Although anyone with internet access can find and view countless videos or historic photographs, it can also be great to join with fellow fans and discuss your favourite sport. There are several excellent sporting memories groups on Facebook that allow you to do just this, with many of these regularly posting old footage to spark debate.

To use these sporting memories groups on Facebook you will need the following.

To use these Facebook groups you will need.

  1. Access to the internet and a smartphone, tablet or computer to view the groups on.
  2. A free Facebook account in order to join a group so you can write comments and reply to fellow group members.
  3. Optional: You may find Facebook easier to use by installing the Facebook app on your smartphone or tablet.

You can find Facebook apps for all popular types of devices at the links listed here.

Activities from Sporting Memories Network

The Sporting Memories Network has a number of resources you can use that are not dependent on using Facebook. These include puzzles and quizzes, the digital version of the Sporting Pink publication and a training video for anyone looking for tips on providing one-to-one video reminiscence.

get_appLinks to Sporting Memories Network resources

DIY sporting memories

An option for people who prefer to relive their sporting memories through videos is YouTube, which has an enormous collection of highlights reels and full matches from every sport imaginable.

To view videos on YouTube you will need.

  1. Access to the internet and a smartphone, tablet or computer to view the videos on (some modern TVs also have YouTube installed on them).
  2. Optional: A free YouTube account to create your own playlists, subscribe to channels so you're aware of any new videos they post and add comments to videos. If you have a Gmail account, you will already have a YouTube account and can log in using the same details you use for Gmail.
  3. Optional: If you are using a tablet or smartphone, you will find YouTube easier to use by installing the YouTube app on your device.

You can find YouTube apps for all popular types of devices at the links listed here.

Although YouTube’s search functionality is very good for finding what you’re looking for, there are some ready-made playlists available that bring together videos so you can easily watch them one after the other. Below you will find a handful of playlists to get you started, but if you have a YouTube account you can create your own as well.