Using digital music services

Last updated on October 29, 2020

A quick introduction

This starter kit is an introduction to how digital technology can support you to enjoy the things you already love.

Although you may be introduced to new interests or hobbies, the starter kit is primarily designed to point you towards the affordable tools that open up a world of choices and which you can use from day to day.

Follow on kits will provide more instruction on how to get up and running with this technology, as well as ideas on activities to take your enjoyment further.

What we suggest here is just that, a suggestion. There are many other apps and services that you may choose to use, so don’t be put off if you don’t find something that suits you. In fact, let us know and we can look at adding it to future versions of the kit.

get_appWhat you will need to get started
An internet connection: Most apps and services require that you are connected to the internet A device to use the apps and services: This can be a smartphone, tablet or computer. Smartphones and tablets offer the most flexibility.

Why use an online music service?

The short answer is: convenience AND choice.

You can find almost any song on one of the many online music streaming services. They are a great way to rediscover music from haven’t heard in years or to discover new sounds.

There are also hundreds of online radio stations, if you prefer.

These are some of the online music services you might consider
Apple Music
Amazon Music

How these services work

  1. You will usually need to create an account (using an email address) with you chosen music provider.
  2. All the online music providers offer paid subscription services, costing from around £9.99 per month. However, Spotify and the main YouTube service can be used for free, with some limitations.
  3. You can then add whole albums or individual songs to the collection of music you are most interested in. There are generally no limitations on the number of songs you can add to your collection and you have the option to create your own playlists or listen to those created by other people.
  4. You can listen to your collection for as long as you have an account with whichever service you choose. If you have a paid subscription, you can also download songs from your collection to listen to when you're not connected to the internet.

Next steps

This is just a taster of how you can use digital technology to help you get the most out of your love for music, so if you are looking to start using any of the products mentioned above, please check out our easy-to-use guides.