COVID-19 Support

During this unprecedented national emergency we are compiling some resources that may help to keep you entertained, connected and supported at home. These resources are categorised so you can more easily find what you are looking for. You can view all resources in a given category by clicking on the relevant card below.

We will continue to add to these over the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions, please visit our contact page and send us an email. Click here to view our general COVID-19 support information.

Repurposing an old device for offline use

This is an overview of how you can repurpose an old tablet for reading, listening to music and using various other apps without an internet connection.

  • infoCOVID-19 Support
  • duoStaying Connected

Sporting memories

During COVID-19 we are physically separated from our sports teams and this togetherness. But we still have access to vast libraries of sporting memories online to engage with and share our passion.

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  • directions_walkExercise and Sport
  • local_libraryMemory and Reminiscence

Staying safe at home

This resource brings together guidance and information on reducing your risk of accidents in the home.

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  • contact_supportGeneral Support

Tips on supporting your community safely

The Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC) and Public Health Scotland have developed comprehensive advice on how community groups can safely provide support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • home_workCommunity Resilience
  • infoCOVID-19 Support

Video calling

Video calls offer free face-to-face chats and provide that visual connection that standard phone calls cannot. You can also organise group calls with more than one person to share a special occasion or simply sit down for a virtual coffee break.

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  • devicesDigital and Technology
  • peopleOCN Resources
  • duoStaying Connected

Virtual gallery and museum tours

Regardless of your location, you can virtually visit many of the world's leading galleries and museums using a smartphone or tablet.

  • paletteArts and Craft
  • infoCOVID-19 Support

Virtual zoo and aquarium tours

A number of wildlife centres, zoos, aquariums and even farms provide online videos and live web cams of their animals that you can view from the comfort of your home,

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  • nature_peopleNature and outdoors