Transition to care

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Knowing when you cannot continue to care, because it is not safe for you or not safe for the person you care for, is one of the most painful decisions that carers face.

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Choosing a good care home and understanding the financial assessment process can be daunting. Age Scotland has excellent publications regarding the process. It also has a small checklist booklet giving tips on what to look out for when you visit prospective homes .

Your local Carers Centre may hold information sessions on choosing care homes and how to handle the transition – and you will meet other carers going through the same process.

The caring doesn’t stop when the person you love moves to a care home. It might give you the chance to be less of a carer and to be more of a wife, a husband, a daughter or son if someone else takes on the practical management of care.

Letting go and staying involved

Alzheimer Scotland’s booklet Letting Go Without Giving Up is aimed at carers who want to continue their involvement in the life of the person they have cared for, even if they are no longer responsible on a day-to-day basis.

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Making the most of visits

It can take some time to come to a good understanding of what makes a good visit when you go see your loved one living in residential care. Come On In is a guide written by the Care Inspectorate and Campbell Snowdon care home to help friends and family of people living in care homes make the most of their visit.

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