Respite and creative breaks

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Most carers find that, once the essentials are in place, life continues for some considerable time with just a few minor adjustments to accommodate their caring role. However, if you haven’t been able to take a break at all for a while, there is funding support available.

Creative break and time out funding

You can apply directly or ask your local Carers Centre or Alzheimer Scotland Resource Centre for a form. Your application will be put before a panel and you might be able to secure £300 to pay for a small break, or funding to develop a hobby or pastime, or to go on a spa break. The aim is to relieve the pressure on you as a carer.

Currently, if you are not getting any respite at all, every carer can apply twice in their caring ‘career’.

If you need a break, or if you need medical treatment, you should ask Social Services for an assessment of the care needs of the person you care for in order to access funds to pay for residential respite or live in care, whichever is more appropriate.

All unpaid carers will have the right to fully funded respite when the Carers (Scotland) Act comes into force in April 2018. However, it is Local Authorities which will determine eligibility criteria.


Respitality (respite + hospitality) is a relatively new programme in Scotland. Companies in the leisure sector (e.g. hotels, spas, restaurants, tourist attractions, leisure centres) ‘gift’ tickets or short breaks to unpaid carers who haven’t been able to take a break for some time or who are under acute stress. Most local Carers Centres will be able to provide details of Respitality breaks for carers or may even have their own Respitality programme for local carers. Contact your local Carers Centre to find out more or call Shared Care Scotland on 01383 622 462.


People living with dementia can often feel that holidays and travel are a thing of the past. Dementia Adventure specialises in creating small group holidays for people living with dementia, their partners, family, friends or carer.

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Dementia Adventure runs small group holidays for people living with dementia, their partners, family, friends or carer.