Interim evaluation report

Project Updates
Last updated on August 13, 2019

Our Connected Neighbourhoods is now nearing the end of its second year. To appraise our progress over this period, OCN has co-produced an interim evaluation.

The overall picture from the interim evaluation is that much of the foundations for the project have now been laid and the team have managed to foster a collaborative and supportive working culture which has aided efforts to try new approaches and learn from the results. A comprehensive mapping of local support and provision has aided efforts to build connections and strengthen communication within the third and charitable sector, which has been valued by project partners.

Looking ahead, the challenge is to finalise the OCN ‘model’ or approach so that people living with dementia are playing an increasingly leading role, and to balance finite time and resources in deepening existing relationships while expanding to involve greater numbers.

You can view and download the final report and an executive summary using the links below.