Five Bullet Friday (March 8, 2019)

5 Bullet Fridays
Last updated on May 29, 2019

Digital Connections – Relaxed Library Events

Digital Connections launch at central library got off to a good start. We were joined by Vibeke and Rufus her assistance dog. We met people who gave us recommendations for phone apps they find ‘memory helpful’. OCN are not endorsing or promoting these apps, just passing on recommendations from others. The apps are all available from reputable providers, but please do your own research.

Anchor Pointer Compass GPS

This can be used to navigate, save locations and easily find your parked car. This comes with a cost of £1.99 but the chap recommending it said it was worth it.


Another navigation tool that provides step by step instructions for you to find a destination. Shows where to walk, where and what time to catch a bus or train.


Easy way to access newspapers from all over the world. If you are a Stirling library member you can get the app for FREE! Just ask staff for details.

At St Ninians Library participants included members of the local reminiscence group, folk who had seen the poster and OCN participants. After introductions we split into 3 groups. We heard how people do (or don’t) use technology. We looked at different apps, how to access Wi-Fi and technology that is available to assist memory. We heard from one participant who had created a playlist for life for when she is older.

Participants donated favourite songs to our neighbourhood festival playlist using Spotify. Donated songs included some by Aerosmith, Runrig and the Highland Cathedral Bagpipes. This will be included in our festival. Thank you to the library teams for a great welcome.

We also learned that from 14 March you will be able to ask library staff to see your lending history (currently only available on lending which incurred a fine).

Please help us promote Digital Connections.

OCN Partnership Meeting

We welcomed new member Vibeke Wylder with her dementia assistant dog Rufus onto the partnership group. We had a really good discussion about awareness raising and how communities can and should provide a supportive circle round people experiencing prejudice, ignorance or lack of confidence as a result of a diagnosis of dementia. We are planning to move our meetings to the Bellfield Centre which is better as it’s more community based.

Welcome to Nicki

“Hi. I’m Nicki and I’ve just joined the OCN project to help Dave with administration, finance and hopefully biscuit eating. I currently work within the wider Faculty of Social Sciences at the University and will continue to do so. I have a few family members who are currently diagnosed with dementia so the OCN project is something I am really passionate about. Fun Friday fact – this time last week I was sitting in the airport after attending a 26.2 hour comedy show in London that raised over £20,000 for dementia research. I look forward to chatting/meeting with you all over the next few months.”

Health & Social Care Next 3 Year Plan Consultation

OCN in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland, Ideas for Ears and supported by Liz Rowlett (CTSI / SVE Integration Engagement Officer) ran a consultation on the 6th February at Henderson’s Bistro. We recognised the correlation between hearing loss and dementia which made this collaboration a good fit.

Evaluation Survey

Please fill in the Our Connected Neighbourhoods: Your Perspectives short survey via the link below.

OCN Tea Party

Please help us promote the Our Connected Neighbourhoods Tea Party.