Five Bullet Friday (24 August 2018)

5 Bullet Fridays
Last updated on January 29, 2019

Town Break Friendship Group

We met 14 PLWD and unpaid carers (5 couples and 4 individuals) at the Town Break friendship group last week. All are interested in filling in the survey. (It may actually be more if the individuals are in fact the carer of someone).

Town Break Café Surveys

We surveyed 6 PLWD and unpaid carers (3 couples) at the Town Break café last week. All the participants’ details have been put onto a spreadsheet / database. Next week I will start to organise volunteers surveying them. All together the participant data base now has 20 participants who are interested in knowing or doing more (which is looking healthy)

Volunteer Recruitment

We now have 13 volunteers recruited (my target was 15) and trained with 2 in the pipeline. I have pulled down the adverts and we have a freeze on recruiting volunteers.

Facebook Page

We now have a Facebook page up and running.

Training Events

We are planning two exciting strand events.

  • An environment strand – Place Standard Tool training event – late Sept early Oct at the engine shed.
  • A digital champions training (delivered by SCVO) and OCN digital strand workshop in October / November at code base digital hub.

Both will aim to be an interesting mixed audience of PLWD, unpaid carers, university staff and OCN team supported by OCN volunteers.