Five Bullet Friday (21 September 2018)

5 Bullet Fridays
Last updated on January 29, 2019

Digital Champions and Place Standard Tool training

Date: Thursday 27th September


Due to the high demand for Digital Champions & Place Standard Tool training I have decided to change the venue so everyone is a comfortable as possible. We will now meet at the Stirling Smith. The Smith is only a 5 to 10 minute walk from Stirling centre. Please help spread the word so everyone arrives at the correct venue. The Smith’s parking is limited so please bare this in mind. The agenda will be sent out next week.

Meeting with SAP

Our environment lead – DSDC Architect Martin Quirk – and I met with members of the Stirling Access Panel. We had a great meeting which covered a whole range of topics from campaigning for ‘changing places’ to discussing the drawback of retro fit adaptions compared to purpose built ‘box unit’ standard facilities all architects and builders should use. It was really helpful to hear first-hand experiences and we look forward to working closely with SAP going forward.

William Simpson Arts and Inclusion

We ran an arts and inclusion connected neighbourhood workshop for residents of the William Simpson care home in Plean. The workshop was a great success. We will be looking at what we learn from the workshops over the coming weeks. Working in partnership with William Simpson is just one aspect of connected neighbourhood work we have been doing in Plean. Martin and I have already taken a trip out to Plean and met with some residents and leafletted the area. We made contact with Spirit of Plean and plan to meet with them soon. Martin recently joined a health walk and made contact with Stirling Council Community Engagement Officer Jillian Gibson. As a result we will be meeting with the Plean Partners Network in a few weeks. Thanks for your work on this Martin.

Visitors from Finland

I have been working in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland to host 10 delegates from Finland on a study visit programme. I have worked on what we hope is an interesting and fulfilling programme. The visitors, representing local dementia association, entrepreneurs, public officials and Aisapari staff will learn about Our Connected Neighbourhoods, Artlink Central, The Macrobert Art Centre and Paths for All. The hope is this will forge a shared learning relationship with the members going forward as both our dementia friendly neighbourhoods work develops.

Dementia Friendly Dunblane Official Launch

I am really looking forward to attending the Dementia Friendly Dunblane official launch event at the Victoria Hall on Saturday Night. Looking forward to hearing Tommy Whitelaw speak and seeing the local businesses recognised for achieving dementia friendly status. Also looking forward to seeing people I know and meeting some new faces.