Our Connected Neighbourhoods

A dementia enabling communities project

Our Connected Neighbourhoods is a dementia enabling communities project. Funded by the Life Changes Trust, this innovative 3-year project is looking to put people living with dementia at the heart of their community.

Bringing together people living with dementia, practitioners and researchers, Our Connected Neighbourhoods is looking at how a dementia enabling community is created and how this process can best be supported.

The project strands focus on community, the environment, arts and digital technology. Looking at what role each of these can play in self-supporting people living with dementia. Find out more about the strands below.

Pushing for digital inclusion

Here at OCN we are passionate about supporting participation in all aspects of community life so we are delighted to join the family of signatories to Scotland's Digital Participation Charter. This is a particularly exiting time for the project and we will be pushing to ensure people living with dementia, carers, families and their wider communities have access to the necessary digital skills and support if they so choose.

More about the project