Our Connected Neighbourhoods

A collaborative community development project

Coronavirus support update

We will be staying connected during the COVID-19 outbreak, sharing information and support from all those involved with OCN.


Our Connected Neighbourhoods and Artlink Central have taken up the challenge presented by the COVID-19 epidemic to rethink how we can bring the arts into the living rooms of Stirlingshire residents.

What is OCN?

Our Connected Neighbourhoods is putting people living with dementia at the heart of creating dementia-inclusive communities. OCN is funded by the Life Changes Trust and runs until mid 2020.

Activities Calendar

Here at OCN we are connecting people to dementia-inclusive activities in the Stirling area. Our new calendar tool shows you details about what is on, where it is on and when. If there are any activities that are missing, please let us know and we will get them added.

More about OCN's core themes